Life is so beautiful and simple, if you choose it to be.

Everything I do, including my most intimate thoughts have been touched directly or indirectly by other human beings. Think about it, it’s so powerful, yet we all take it for granted, like our heart beat, beating over 100,000 times a day. The simplest things in this world are the most powerful, love the most potent. I purposefully look for the simplest pleasures in life, as they are what really define us.

I’m interested in our human condition. I believe that our lives are all bond together through our common pain of our everyday struggles. It is this pain that enables us to recognize joy and happiness and in turn  brings us together to celebrate life. It’s important to recognize that we come from pain not happiness. Happiness comes from pain not vice versa. Our society is constantly pushing sex, power and money, when it should be focusing on tenderness, kindness and healing one another, this is where happiness and intimacy flourish from.

Can you imagine what a different world this would be? No more Wars!

I do believe that we are born good with a moral compass. It does not come from the dogma of religion. It’s our mutual respect for life that bonds us and makes us believe in a greater good.

I tend to be attracted to that moment in our lives, where we have moment of respite from all our worries and need to regenerate. These moments are far more powerful than we believe and far more constructive than wars. It is these moments that allow us to go through some of our darkest days. These are moments when tenderness, kindness and healing each other are the most evident. Our natural state.

I like to think of myself as a Martian (or maybe I just feel like one sometimes) who has just landed on earth to observe humans, and as I observe the things they do, I have to wonder how crazy they are. I started my journey by documenting the sunbathers on the beach in Cannes, France. I found it fascinating that they would flock to the beach and roast in the sun when there was a perfectly pleasant spot in the shadow of a palm tree, yet they call it fun!

I’m attracted to stories of struggle’s and love, especially of the ordinary man. There are so many unrecognized everyday hero’s that we meet and don’t even know. They are all around us, one just has to pay attention. I find the the volume, color and  brightness of the media is desensitizing us our reality, and its become harder and harder for people to appreciate what they have around them.

This is why I relish places where we humans gather, like beaches, parks, and events. It’s a moment in time where we just are, the everyday grind can wait just another day. I like to photograph what appears to be the uselessness of it all from a Martian point of view.

We seem to be entering an age of pseudo-advancement. Humans having pretty much hit their intellectual plateau and letting artificial intelligence take over.  

Maybe this is why human behavior is starting look so bizarre! yet we are not robots, yet……

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Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial photographer based in New York, with an international presence.portraits,events,advertising,head shots,commercial
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